Name and sirname of the Academic:

Mehmet Tangör

Title, Department:

Assoc. Prof. /  Music Technology Department

Areas of Study:

String Instruments

Bachelor’s degree/Masters/ Doctorate:

Master of Arts: Institute for Social Sciences Public Institutions Management, İstanbul University, 1991;
Bachelor of Arts: TMDK, Instrument Construction,İTÜ,1989.

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He has born in Istanbul on 21.04.1963. Also,he completed primary anda highschool in Istanbul. He graduated from Turkish Music State Conservatory of Istanbul Technical University, Instrument Making Department in 1989. He started as a lecturer in Instrument Making Department in the same year. He has continued as a lecturer at Department of Music Technology, Instrument Making Programme since 1989. In addition to this, he is a lecturer in Istanbul University since 2012. He completed lots of exhibition works until now. He made restoration and conservation of ınstruments on behalf of the General Secreteriat of Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Head of Department of National Palaces Directorate of Monument anda Museums anda Ministry of Culture of Turkish Republic Topkapı Palace Dolmabahçe Palace. He had completed the works of restoration and conservation with 58 artifacts. In addition to this, he has continued to the exhibition works with his students and personally workshop.