Name and sirname of the Academic:

Atilla Coşkun Toksoy

Title, Department:

Prof. Dr. / Musicology Department

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Bachelor’s degree/Masters/ Doctorate:

Doctorate: Music History, İTÜ, 2006;
Master of Arts: Musicology, 2000; İTÜ TMDK,
Bachelor of Arts: Music, İTÜ, 1996

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He started his music education in ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory Music Theory Department, was educated by Prof. Selahattin İçli, Prof. Ercümend Berker, Prof. Yalçın Tura, Doç. Serdar Öztürk during his education. He had his master degree on Musichology field from ITU Social Sciences Institude in 2000. Same year he started the Doctored Program on Music History of ITU Social Sciences Institude. In this program he studied with Prof. Şehvar Beşiroğlu ve Prof. Dr. Edip Günay.

In 2004, he attended the international Orff-Schulwerk Summer Course in Salzburg with a scholarship. His book “Introduction to Orff-Schulwerk” was published by ITU Foundation Publications in 2014. He published articles in international journals on music education. He is the editor of “Piano 1” and “Piano 2” books which is published by Müzikalite Publications. In 2015, he became an Associate Professor in Musicology at Istanbul Technical University’s Turkish Music State Conservatory.

He participated ITU Polyphonic Choir conducted by Doc. Serdar Ozturk, and gave many concerts. He acted in “Yunus Emre Musical” as a headliner in 1997. Between 2000–2003 he gave national concerts as guitarist and solo vocalist with the “Erguvan” Modern Turkish Music Ensemble which he established. Between 2008-2009 he attended the national and international concerts and festival with Ruhi Ayangil Turkish Music Choir as a choir member. He continued his musical performances with “Nazenin” group between 2008-2013. In 2014 he established “Aşkname” ensemble with Ayşegül Kostak Toksoy. In the end of May 2015 the albüm of the group will be released under the title “Aşkname- 20th century Turkish Music” for the memory of 40th Anniversary of Establishing of ITU TMDK.

He has been the academic coordinator of ITU TMDK Certified Courses since 2009. He is also one of the founders and coordinator of ITU Foundation Schools Mini Conservatory Program. He is teaching Music History and Music Pedagogy at ITU TMDK Musicology Department.