Name and Surname of the Academic:

Gözde Çolakoğlu Sarı

Title, Department:

Prof. Dr. /  Musicology Department

Areas of Study:

Historical Musicology, Makam Theory, History of Turkish Makam Music, Organology, Kemençe

Bachelor’s degree/Masters/ Doctorate:

Doctorate: Musicology and Music Theory, Institute of Social Sciences, 200;.
Master of Arts: Turkish Music, Institute of Social Sciences, 2003;
Bachelor of Arts:  Department of Instrument, ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory, 2000.

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In addition to her presentations at various congresses, symposiums, panels and seminars abroad, Gözde Çolakoğlu Sarı has also worked as conductor, kemençe performer and general art director in various choirs and orchestras in Turkey and abroad. She has worked as researcher and consultant in national and international research projects and her articles have been published in national and international peer-reviewed and indexed journals. 

In November 20, 2014, she organized the first musicology departments workshop in which she brought musicology departments together and then she prepared the book about the workshop together with her report (March 2015). She published her book named “Kemençe from Anatolia to Balkans” in line with her field studies conducted in Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete, Western Karadeniz, Teke Region (June 2016). Beside this book, she is also the author of the essay named “How to Make a Kemençe” with Prof. Şehvar Beşiroğlu and this paper was published in The Strad magazine (July 2007).

She teaches the courses of "Historical Musicology”, “Music History” and “Makam Theory” at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. “The Traces of the Sultans in Ottoman-Turkish Music”, “The Reflections of the 19th Century Westernization Movements to Ottoman-Turkish Music”, “Can the History of Turkish Music Be Written”, “Reinvention of Future and A Modernist in Turkish Music: Hüseyin Saadettin Arel”, “Today's Reflection of 1000 Years Old Tradition” are some of the articles she wrote in this field.

She is the director of the project named “Turkish Music String Instrument Family Kemençe Quartet” which is supported by İTÜ BAP.

During her career, she undertook various administrative functions such as Vice President of Musicology Department, Board Member of ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory, ITU Social Sciences Institute Musicology Program Coordinator and ITU TRNC Rector Consultancy and her activities still continue.