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Yalçın Çetinkaya

Title, Department:

Prof. / Musicology Department

Areas of Study:


Bachelor’s degree/Masters/ Doctorate:

Graduate Studies in Arts: İTÜ Institute for Social Sciences – Graduate Studies in Arts / Turkish Music/ 1999-2000
Graduate Studies in Arts: Mimar Sinan University – Institute for Social Sciences , State Conservatory , Traditional Music , ‘Indian Music’, 1999-2000;
Doctorate: Mimar Sinan University, Institute for Social Sciences, Sociology, Phd in Sociology, 1999-2000;
Master of Arts: Marmara University, Institute for Social Sciences, Philosophy, Islamic Philosophy ,1988-1989;
Bachelor of Arts: İTÜ TMDK - Music - 1984-1985

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He was born in 1960 in Tekirdağ. He started music at the age of 11, when he learned to play the mandolin at Arifiye Teachers School. He graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Turkish Music State Conservatory in 1981-82 and completed his undergraduate education in 1984-85. He took Ney lessons from Fuat Türkelman, classical guitar lessons from Raffi Arslanyan, and qanun lessons from the late Fikret Kutluğ. 

Between 1987 and 1990, he completed his master’s degree in the field of Islamic Philosophy at Marmara University, Institute of Social Sciences. He completed his master’s thesis entitled “İhvân-ı Safâ’da Müzik Düşüncesi (Music Thought in İhvân-ı Safâ)” under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Mustafa Tahralı and Prof. Dr. Bekir Karlıga.

He contributed to the foundation of Van 100th Year University, Music Department in 1993 and worked as a research assistant for a while. Between 1994 and 2000, he completed postgraduate studies (doctorate / proficiency in art) in Turkish Music at Istanbul Technical University, Social Sciences Institute, and in parallel with that, he completed postgraduate studies (doctorate / proficiency in art) with his thesis on “Philosophy of Music in Mevleviyeh” prepared under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Nevzad Atlığ and Prof. Dr. Mustafa Tahralı at Mimar Sinan University, Sociology Department. in the field of “Sociology / Sociology of Music” with Prof. Dr. Ömer Naci Soykan, and at Mimar Sinan University State, Conservatory in the field of “Traditional Music / Hindu Music” with Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yürür.

Since 1980, he worked as a copywriter in advertising agencies for many years. Thereafter, he started to work as a journalist in a daily newspaper. After active journalism, he worked as a columnist and wrote music articles in a daily newspaper. While working as a columnist, he worked as a copywriter for various advertising agencies. For five years, he worked as an advertising and public relations manager in a private bank.

For five years, he worked as general art director at Istanbul Municipality Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall. Under his management, the hall was shown among the best concert halls in Europe.

He worked as a lecturer at Haliç University Conservatory and at Istanbul University State Conservatory. In 2009, he started to work as an assistant professor at Istanbul Technical University, Turkish Music State Conservatory, Musicology Department, and he was promoted to associate professor in 2013. In 2006, he prepared and presented a program called “Aydın Bakışı” (Intellectual Perspective) on Turkish Radio and Television Corporation. Since 2013, he has prepared and presented music documentaries on TRT Radio 1, TRT Radio 3 and TRT Music channels.

He presented papers in many national and international symposiums, published articles in national and international scientific peer-reviewed journals, gave individual conferences, organised national and international symposiums, and participated in many civil and official committees. He was invited to the “National Education Council” held by the Ministry of Education in 2014, and prepared advice/report entitled “Teaching Turkey New and Our Own Music Culture and Inclusion thereof in National Education Curriculum”. In 2015, he took part as a commissioner in the “Culture and Art Commission” of the Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Culture and Tourism due to 100th Anniversary of Çanakkale Victory. In 2017, he served as chairman of music commission in the 3rd Culture Forum organised by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the report prepared under the chairmanship of the commission was published as a historical document.

He also served as art consultant and manager of the Itri’s Music Researches Centre at the Yenikapı Mevlevihane of the UN Alliance of Civilizations Institute.


  1. Association of Advertising Agencies, Crystal Apple Mention (Shared) - (1986)
  2. Writers Union of Turkey, Magazine and Editor in Chief of the Year - (1993)
  3. Writers Union of Turkey, Interview of the Year Award - (1997)
  4. The Most Successful Concert Hall of the Year, Cemal Reşit Rey - (2007)
  5. Mimar Sinan University, International Nuri İyicil Violin Competition, Contribution Special Award - (2008)
  6. ESKADER (Literature, Art and Cultural Research Foundation) - Music Award of the Year - (2016)

Radio and Television Programs:

  1. Seviyeli Muhalif – TRT Radio 1 – (2013-2014)
  2. Müziklerarası (Intra-music) - TRT Radio 1 - (2014-2015)
  3. Dünyanın Müziği (World Music) - TRT Radio 1 - (2016-2017)
  4. Rönesanstan Romantizme (From Renaissance to Romanticism) - Radio 3 - (2018-2019)
  5. Aydın Bakışı (Intellectual Perspective) - TRT Television
  6. Hâfız Bestekârlar (Hafiz composers) - TRT Religious Television - (2015)
  7. Müziklerarası (Intra-music) - TRT Music Television - (2016-2017)
  8. İstanbul’un Sesleri (Voices of Istanbul) - TRT Music TV - (2018 -2019)

Published Books:

  1. Reklamcılık ve Manipülasyon (Advertising and Manipulation) - (1992)
  2. İhvân-ı Safâ’da Müzik Düşüncesi (Music Thought in İhvân-ı Safâ) - (1995)
  3. Memleket Meseleleri (Homeland Issues) - (2000)
  4. Müzik Yazıları (Articles on Music) - (2001)
  5. Müziği Düşünmek (Thinking Music) - (2016)
  6. Müzik Notları (Music Notes) - (2018)

Published Articles:

  1. Gezegenlerin Hareketinden Mûsikî Nağmelerine (From the Movement of the Planets to Music Tunes) - 2018
  2. Mevlânâ’da Aşk ve Mûsikî: Müzik, Semâ’ ve Sûfizm (Love and Music in Mevlana: Music, Heaven and Sufism) – 2018
  3. Mevlevilik Düşüncesinde Ney ve İnsan-ı Kâmil Sembolizmi (Ney and Perfect Human “Being Symbolism in the Thought of Mevlevi) – 2019