Name and sirname of the Academic:

Ahmet Tunç Buyruklar

Title, Department:

Asst. Prof. Dr. / Music Technology Department

Areas of Study:

Construction and Restoration of Keyboard and String Instruments, Organology, Sound Sytems, Music Theory

Bachelor’s degree/Masters/ Doctorate:

Graduate Studies in Arts: Turkish Music, Haliç, 2014;
Master of Arts: Turkish Music , İTÜ, 1994;
Bachelor of Arts: Instrument Construction, İTÜ, 1990

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Ahmet Tunç Buyruklar was born in Istanbul on 29.07.1969. He finished Pertevniyal Primary School. In 1983, he entered the Instrument Making Department, Turkish Music State Conservatory at Istanbul Technical University.

At the Conservatory he continued his seven-year high school and bachelor degree on the subject of making instrumental and stringed instruments and graduated with the highest grade in 1990. He has a master's degree from the Turkish Art Music program at The Graduate School of Social Sciences, ITU, and he has a Doctor of Fine Arts (Proficiency in Art) degree from the Turkish Music program, Graduate School of Social Sciences at Haliç University.

In the field of instrument making and organology, he presented notifications at national and international events, carried out workshop studies and participated in exhibitions with his works of arts. He still continues his scientific and artistic studies as a lecturer in Turkish Music State Conservatory, Department of Music Technologies at ITU.